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Route Catalogue for Mountain Bikes

Properly marked throughout the island, with interesting spots, business services, and comments from users. Lanzarote on Pedals.

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With the “Indications for Mountain Bikes Routes in Lanzarote”, it is planned to make the island's routes visible to all mountain cyclists. The route from this guide is 205,67 kilometers long around the island. The marks, road descriptions, and sketches, help to enjoy the route or any of its six stretches.” Lanzarote on pedals) wants to be a digital tool to help cyclists who take the route, while been accesible for everyone. Lanzarote ( La Geria )

The objective of this project is to bring closer Lanzarote's exceptional nature to the general public, with its roads and paths, while emphazising the contact of visitors with local nature, respect for the environment, and the practice of a sustainable sport by using these routes. In short, the enjoyment of our island's unique nature.

The roads from this route are clearly marked and accessible for most people. These roads have also a cultural and ethnographic value, as they go by natural parks, coastal areas, fishermen towns, Arts and Culture Centres from Lanzarote Inter Island Council, and many other interesting spots across the island.

In order to cover the route more easily some printable files are available that depict each stretch.

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Since there is no specific signposting for mountain bike routes in the Canary Islands, this will proceed as follows:

Indication marks will be placed on asphalt or concrete roads, while a Cor-Ten Steel landmark on dirt roads. The mark will be 120x120 mm, with a white background and red anagram composed of one equilateral triangle and two circles (if the route takes more than a day to cover it), a yellow anagram (when the route takes only one day), and a brown anagram (if it goes through a National Park area). The difficulty level will be indicated in the route's number: green for easy, blue for medium, red for difficult, and black for very difficult.

In case the route goes through a protected area, the marks will have a strip on their left side with the colour and anagram of that protected zone and they will match the ordinance of June 30 1998 from the Consejería de Política Territorial y Medio Ambiente, which regulates marks and their use in Canary Islands' protected areas.

Signpost in Natural Park

Signpost in Natural Monument
This sign is property of the French Cycling Federation, which has assigned rights of use to the International Mountain Bicycling Association España (IMBA España); the IMBA assigns the right to use the Lanzarote Inter-Island Council at no cost; for a better spread of the route and as a call for cyclists, these routes will be recognized by the IMBA España, which will publish their existance on its website, unless the Federación Española de Ciclismo or the Federación Española de Deporte de Montaña y Escalada do so.


* Ride only on allowed roads

Follow the road, respect provate property and prohibitions. Get informed about the current limitations of the area.

* Plan your ride ahead

Cyclists must study their paths and make sure they will be able to meet the physical and technical requirements of the route. You must be self-sufficient at all times. Bear in mind that a group is as strong as the weakest of its members.

* Always wear a helmet

You must choose personal equipment adequate for mountain biking including: a bike in optimal conditions, helmet, comfortable breathable clothing, sunglasses, sunblock for skin and lips, water, GPS, cellphone, etc. It's all about your own safety and your group's. Make sure you have enough water and adequate equipment for the entire route.

* Control your Bike

Adjust your speed to road and visibility conditions in order to avoid accidents and skids.

* Don't leave tracks

Try not to leave tracks, controlling sudden braking and avoiding skids. Skids cause unnecesary terrain erosion. Do not litter.

* Consider the weather forecast

It's very convenient to check the weather forecast from different sources during the ride. Avoid cycling alone due to the risk of having an accident. It's also wise to let other people know (family, friends, acquiantaces, hotel staff, etc.) about the route you will take and an estimated time of your return. In case you plan a ride for several days provide a route plan, and make arrangements for phone calls for every stretch.

* In case of an accident

Remain calm, check the injured and call the emergency services by dialing 112. It is important to recognize the area where you are (indicated by markers),  the injured's status, and the evacuation conditions that rescuers may face.

* Never scare animals

You are in their habitat and they may not be used to your presence. Be respectful and don't make unnecesary noises.

* Always give way to other users

Giving way to other cyclists and pedestrians is fundamental for a good rapport. Let others to know you are coming through and reduce your speed, until halt if necessary.

* Take out insurance

If you are not an associated cyclist then you should take out insurance. Lanzarote Inter Island Council does not take any responsability on any damages a biker or his/her bike may experience.


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